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DIY Monster Toilet Paper Rolls
by Caroline Gravino   |   October 27   |   0 Comments
Turn ordinary toilet paper rolls into cute little monster people with a glue stick and few other basic supplies. Afterwards, you can create a whole village of monster people and have a
MONSTER of a good time!

To get started you will need these supplies:

• toilet paper roll
• construction paper
• scissors
• goggly eyes
• glue stick


Step 1
Measure enough construction paper to cover a toilet paper roll and cut it out. Glue the colored construction paper to your toilet paper roll with a glue stick.

Step 2
Next trace a googly eye onto construction paper and cut out a circle shape.

Step 3
Cut the circle in half and glue the semi-circle onto the front of the googly eye to form an eyelid.

Step 4
Glue the googly eye onto the top part of the toilet paper roll and cut out some fangs from white card stock paper.

Step 5
Glue the fangs onto the front of the monster below the eyes.

Step 6
Cut out crazy hair and glue it on!

Congratulations! You have just brought a monster to life! The possibilities are endless for creating different monster personalities!

About Caroline Gravino
Caroline Gravino is a designer of creative family projects and mother of 4 children. She started the popular blog Salsa Pie in 2009 to foster an innovative spirit in her own children. She shares project ideas for the whole family, styling and craft ideas, and ways to encourage creativity in kids.


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