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Thanksgiving at the Kids Table: Make Artwork Placemats!
by Caroline Gravino   |   November 17   |   0 Comments
This Thanksgiving, keep the kids occupied while you are pulling together the last-minute elements of the family feast: have the kids make Artwork Placemats! This is the perfect solution to the "kids table" for the family meal, too!


To get started you will need a few things:

clear tape
brown craft paper


Step 1
Cover your table in brown craft paper. Cut the paper to size and tape underneath with clear tape to hold it in place.

Step 2
Using a black marker, draw a picture frame shape. Parents may need to do this part. You can make the picture frame elaborate or simply draw a rectangle! The point is the give the children a "frame" in which they can draw inside.

Step 3
Set out markers and crayons in containers for the kids and assign each child to their own placemat or "frame" and instruct them to color a picture inside that illustrates why they are thankful. Start a conversation about the many things that there are to be thankful of. Have the kids offer ideas about why it's good have a thankful attitude. Having this conversation really gets the creative juices flowing!

Once finished you have Artwork Placemats for everyone! Not only will this make the table look beautiful, but the artwork will be a meaningful activity and a great way to help celebrate the day!

Happy Thanksgiving!

About Caroline Gravino
Caroline Gravino is a designer of creative family projects and mother of 4 children. She started the popular blog Salsa Pie in 2009 to foster an innovative spirit in her own children. She shares project ideas for the whole family, styling and craft ideas, and ways to encourage creativity in kids.

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