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Frozen Craft: DIY Icicle Banner
by Caroline Gravino   |   December 23   |   0 Comments
Want to keep this kiddos busy over winter break? Try this Icicle Banner -- perfect for the Frozen fanatics in your life or a random afternoon. Simply cut ice sickle shapes from white paper and color them in a fun way! 

Want a real "frozen" effect? Paint or glitter them then glue them to some yarn and string around the house.

Perfect for kids of all ages.


Materials Needed:

  • white paper (card stock works best)
  • scissors
  • crayons 
  • glue stick
  • yarn 
  • tape (to hang banner once finished)



STEP ONE: ​Have older children (or parents) cut connected ice sickle shapes from paper. Cut the icicles narrow and deep into the paper. If you cut them deep enough, you will be able to use both sides. Leave the area at the top wide enough to fold over as that is how it will be affixed to the yarn for hanging. 



STEP TWO: Once your icicles have been cut out, begin decorating them. Color them solid colors on the edges or draw frosty shapes. Hand cool colors out like all sorts of shades of blue or purples. There are no rules for this part, so get creative and color the icicles in a fun way!



STEP THREE: After you color your icicles, flip the banner over and lay a long strand of yarn over the top edge. Apply generous amounts of glue stick to the edge and fold over on top of the yarn. Smooth your hands over the folded edge with firm, even pressure until the edge sticks. 



STEP FOUR: ​Using tape, hang the banner! Give your house a real winter freeze and hang the banner in fun places! 



About Caroline Gravino
Caroline Gravino is a designer of creative family projects and mother of 4 children. She started the popular blog Salsa Pie in 2009 to foster an innovative spirit in her own children. She shares project ideas for the whole family, styling and craft ideas, and ways to encourage creativity in kids.

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