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10 Ways to Play the Snow Day Away!
by American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   January 7   |   0 Comments
Oh, the weather outside is frightful. And schools are closed, how delightful. 

Frosty weather is the perfect time to kick indoor play up a notch! Here are 10 ideas for keeping the kids busy all while keeping your sanity in check.

Build a Killer Indoor Obstacle Course

You don't necessarily have to take the lead on creating the obstacle course. Kids can take turns creating, completing - - and if you're lucky cleaning up - - their very own obstacle course. Here's how to build the ultimate indoor obstacle course!


Let's Do "Game" Lunch

Who says game night has to take place at dinner time? Pack an indoor picnic, spread a blanket on the floor, and pull out your family's favorite games. Here are suggestions for putting the WOOHOO back in family game play.


Have a Dance Party

Go crazy! Shake it off! It'll burn off some energy AND be tons of fun. Living room dance parties are the best -- just check any self consciousness about your Cupid Shuffle at the door.


Host a Teddy Bear Picnic

Teddy Bear Picnic Day may be in July, but any day is a good day for tea with a favorite stuffed animal. Don't forget about the Teddy Bear Picnic song!


Break Out a Puzzle

There are tons of benefits of puzzle play. Try a 3D one for budding engineers or even an augmented reality one for the techie hipsters in your family.


Just. Be. Silly.

When is the last time you took a moment to just get the giggles out? (Laughter is a great way to get the WIGGLES out, too!). Snow days are great days to have a a downright gut-wrenching bout of the giggles.


Bake Cupcakes.

Baking is a sensory exploration -- kids love how much fun it is, and yet they learn so much. These curious cupcakes will cure a snow day chill!


Break Out the Letter Manipulatives

The more time a child spends holding letters in his hand, the faster he'll master this crucial first step into reading —so why not find new and exciting games and activities to try with your letter pieces? Here are some other fun letter games to try.


Learn a Yo-Yo Trick

Check out how to walk the dog -- without having to go outside!


Make a Movie.

A stop-motion animation movie that is. Perfect blend of tech and play!


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