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DIY Top Hat Valentine
by Caroline Gravino   |   January 26   |   0 Comments
Tell your friends or classmates, "You are TOP of the list!" with these cute and cuddly DIY Top Hat Valentines. To make them, you will need just a few supplies.  


  • medium sized pink pom-poms
  • miniature black pom-poms
  • small googly eyes
  • black card stock paper
  • scissors
  • craft glue
  • a marker
  • blank index cards


Step 1

Draw a heart shape onto the center of an index card with your marker. This heart will be the feet of your top hat wearing creature! 


Step 2

Cut the black card stock paper into the shape of a tiny top hat. 


Step 3

Once you have your top hat cut out and your feet drawn, you can begin gluing your creature together. Start by first gluing the pom-pom on top of the heart. The rounded parts of the heart will be the front and  two feet of your creature. Next glue on the hat, eyes and nose. 



Wonderful job! You are now all set to tell your classmates and friends (or write the words on the card if you wish) that "You are TOPS!" or "Have a TOP Notch Day". Brainstorm other phrases using the word TOP or HAT , such as "Hat's off to you, friend!" and make each Valentine contain a different message if you wish! 


Happy Valentine's Day!


About Caroline Gravino
Caroline Gravino is a designer of creative family projects and mother of 4 children. She started the popular blog Salsa Pie in 2009 to foster an innovative spirit in her own children. She shares project ideas for the whole family, styling and craft ideas, and ways to encourage creativity in kids.


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