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by Susan J. Oliver, Tropomedia   |   October 15   |   0 Comments
Next to Christmas/Hanukah, Halloween ranks among children’s top holidays. What is it about it that makes it so fun?

Maybe it’s because Halloween is the one day a year when pretend play takes center stage. Starting as toddlers, we are drawn to the magnificent characters, stories, and worlds we can create in our own imaginations and the way they help us work out our goals, plans, and problems.

by Claudia Towles, aMuse Toys   |   October 1   |   0 Comments
Tired of the same old cutting, pasting and rub art kits? Eye Can Art provides sophisticated, fun and engaging art projects that leave plenty of room for creative expression.

Even with the large number of products that are available in the art and crafts category, it’s not often we find unique and innovative projects that are enjoyed by such a wide range of ages, much less that make everyone on our team excited to see the delivery truck roll in.

by Creativity for Kids   |   October 1   |   0 Comments
Do you want an original way to display photos of the people you love? You can create a miniature changeable photo gallery with pictures of family and friends using wood blocks that you used to play with when you were little (or you can purchase wood cubes at a craft store.) Gather up some patterned paper and glue and you're ready to go.

by Brian Mooney, The Storymatic   |   September 24   |   0 Comments
Last weekend I went to a belated wedding party for a couple of friends who had gotten hitched a few minutes before midnight at the drive-through chapel in Las Vegas on Leap Day. Needless to say, it was a small wedding-- hence the much larger celebration with friends and family over Labor Day weekend.

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