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TENZI Interview with Steve and Kevin
by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   September 13   |   0 Comments
Game inventing is all about BIG ideas according to Kevin Carroll and Steve Mark, the creative forces behind Carma Games. The two former ad guys jumped into the game making business because they had a simple idea they wanted to share with the world.

We asked them to share more about their typical day, what it’s like to be a game maker and why game play is important. They even share their favorite game.

Er -- second favorite game.

When you think about it -- you have one of the most fun jobs in the world: Inventing games! How did you end up in the game industry?

Kevin: You’re right, inventing games is a whole lot of fun -- even more fun than our former jobs in advertising. But both industries share a similarity in that they’re all about the big idea.

Steve: And when we came up with TENZI, we wanted to make it so simple that even two ad guys could understand it.

Kevin: Understand what?

What is your favorite game of all time? Why?

Steve: You mean our second favorite game, right?

Kevin: Well, that would have to be Operation, because that’s the closest I’ll ever come to having a career in Medicine.

Steve: His parents are always so proud when he plays it.

What does a typical day in a ‘game makers’ life look like?

Kevin: Well, at this stage, we’re both still wearing a lot of different hats. One minute I’m Joe in accounting, the next I’m Bob in customer service, and the next I’m Steve in shipping.

Steve: No, that’s me, I’m Steve in shipping.

Kevin: As you can see, things can get pretty confusing.

One of the things we love about your popular game Tenzi is its simplicity. Elementary school-aged kids through ages 101 and beyond can play. What was your inspiration for the game?

Steve: It’s funny you talk about the simplicity of TENZI. That’s the one thing everybody mentions when they talk about why they love TENZI. Everyone loves the simplicity.

Kevin: I think that’s a response to our fast-paced, over-scheduled society. Nobody has patience for the games we grew up with. Who has 2 hours to play a board game? People want something fast and simple.

Steve: Fast and simple? You mean like our new TENZI app, available for free on both iPhone and Android?

Kevin: Did we mention we were formerly ad guys?

Why do you think playing games is important -- for both kids and adults?

Steve: Games are important because they’re not work, they’re not school, and they’re not deadlines. They’re something you want to do, not something you have to do.

Kevin: Well, except in my house. We had to play Operation. My parents forced us.

To learn more about Tenzi or game play in general, contact your neighborhood toy store

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