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Beat the Winter Break Blahs
by American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   December 23   |   0 Comments
 You've gotten through the excitement of the holidays - - and then it sets in. The moment every parent dreads over winter break. The big "B" word....

"Mom, I'm BORED."

It can be tough for kids (and parents) to get through with the ever present threat of boredom on the brain. But lucky for your neighborhood toy stores are always ready to keep it fun!

Hands down, toy store owners favor board games to stave off the wintertime woes. Board games work for multiple ages, are affordable, have endless play options --and parents can get in on the fun, too!

“You can find a variety of games for any age group," explained Sherrie Antes, owner of Toy Station in Colorado Springs, CO. “Trivia games can be great for teams, making it not as difficult if their are younger kids!”

“There are lots of great board games and family puzzles that everyone can enjoy,”said Teri Soelter, owner of Teri’s Toy Box in Edmonds, WA. “The more the family can play together the better!” Some of her favorite games? Ones that are cooperative for kids and parents, such as Stone Soup and MagnaTiles.

Creative play is important, especially when it can be too cold to go outside! When little ones only have their imagination, why not let it go? Becky Tague, an owner of Wilbur’s Lincolnwood Toy Store in Brownsburg, Indiana, suggested using a spa kit for a ‘day at the spa.'

“You can soak your feet, do pedicures and manicures!” said Becky. {That sounds like pretty fun cooperative 'play,' right?}

Becky also shared some of their other favorite imagination-fueling ideas: Melissa and Doug’s Discovery Magic Kits,puppets, and science kits. Anything that keeps the creativity flowing!

“We have these masks that let the kids be anybody they want to be," said Teri. “We’re always amazed with how creative the kids are. They’re so much more creative than the adults--they think outside the box. Parents and grown-ups tend to be by the rules, children are less structured.”

Even though it's cold outside, that doesn't mean they kids shouldn't get OUT of the house. Devin McDonald, co-owner of Mr. Mopps’ Children Books and Toys recommends a plethora of playthings to keep kids wiggling during winter break. The classic Skipper by Jump it is a great way to keep kids moving in the crisp air.

And then, of course, there are Stomp Rockets.

“As long as you’re old enough to stand and stomp you’re old enough to stomp rocket,” said Devin. But if you stomp indoors, “you might want to also make sure you’re not under a chandelier.” 

Another favorite keep 'em moving toy? The Plasma Car. It's powered by moving the steering wheel.

"The kids love it and anyone who can fit in it can ride it," said Devin. {Who knows about the last bit based on experience.}

After all, adults need to stave off the winter blahs, too!

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