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by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   June 17   |   0 Comments
Nothing says summer like water play... and what better way to play in the water than with a Waboba ball! The ball-craze toy that bounces on water surfaces, spun it’s own lingo and spurned the creation of after-school waboba leagues is sure to be a pint-sized crowd pleaser. {Let’s be honest, adults will love it, too!} With a product this fun you can be sure the company that makes it has the right play attitude. We caught up with them to chat about their products, corporate culture and tips for getting the most out of the summer sun.

Don’t miss their advice for the best places to play with Waboba balls. Who knows? You may just be a Wabobian-in-the-making!

by Cat and Mouse Game Store   |   June 4   |   0 Comments
Need a surprise trick for your next dinner party or a way to entertain the kids this summer? Hone your YoYo skills! In honor of National Yo-Yo Day, we teamed up with Cat and Mouse Game Store in Chicago to share some easy Yo-Yo tricks that WOW. Learn the super cool Sleeper move and then try your skills at the Elevator. Master that? Move on to Brain Twister. Ben Conde of Team YoYoJam (and instructor Cat and Mouse Games!) is your guide and will have you mastering the ups and downs in no time flat.

Have other Yo-Yo tricks to share? Post your video to our Facebook Wall!

by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   June 4   |   0 Comments
Toy designers find inspiration in a variety of places. For Chris Clemmer of BeginAgain Toys, that inspiration comes for the likes of Leonardo DaVinci. Whether they are dreaming up new ways for ball play or reinventing how to score with a flying disc, BeginAgain Toys believes in allowing children the freedom to create their own rules in the world of play.

by Mary Couzin, Chicago Toy and Game Group   |   May 13   |   2 Comments
Kim Vandenbroucke is one of the game industry's most prolific and respected board game inventors, as well as author of The Game Aisle, a popular website where Kim reviews games and provides insider information. She has a loyal Twitter and Facebook following -- not to mention a killer volleyball serve. You might recognize her best known game, Scattegories Categories (Winning Moves) or one of her two newest games: Raccoon Rumpus (Educational Insights) or Cheese Louise (Fat Brain Toys). I caught up with Kim to chat all things games and inventions.

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