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by Heather Weisse Walsh   |   February 11   |   0 Comments

There is one place where my preschooler can race plasma cars, try on four different princess gowns, flip pretend burgers on a wooden grill, practice new moves with the entire Groovy Girls collection, learn a new pattern on her rainbow loom, and lose herself completely in a the miniature world of Calico Critters... all in one afternoon.

by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   February 11   |   0 Comments
What do a brightly-colored teepee tent, chenille hair dolls, and a number pegging game have in common? They are all manufactured by HABA USA and nominated for ASTRA's Best Toys for Kids! {Obviously, HABA USA is a favorite manufacturer among Independent Specialty Toy Stores! Lea Culliton, president of HABA USA, gives us the 411 on what makes these toys smart buys for parents -- and super cool for kids.

by Christine Osborne, Wonder Works   |   January 24   |   0 Comments
Innovative. Cool. Unique. Your local neighborhood toy store is always seeking out the most well-constructed, imaginative and creative toys on the market. Did you ever wonder how they go about stocking their shelves? What happens after the holiday season comes to end.

by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   December 23   |   0 Comments
This laser board game will make you flex those geometry and science skills! Using a grid, beam splitters, cell blockers and more, players aim to use a laser to light up a target.

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