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Back to School Advice from Your Neighborhood Toy Store
by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   September 2   |   0 Comments
Think back to school is just for kids? Think again! Your Neighborhood Toy Store is geared up for everything you may need to start the year right. And we're not just talking notebooks...

Just as important as crayons, pencils and markers, is establishing a routine said Imagine that Toys’ Gwen Ottenburg. “Get them in a routine, kids are creatures of habit.” She suggests starting school-year bedtime and wake-up time routines sooner rather than later.

“Starting to introduce games that are more educational is another great way to get in the school mindset,” said Gwen. “Learning games like Swish and Swish Jr. are fun games -- and kids won’t even realize they are learning!”

Getting school-ready isn't just about establishing routines and games. It's also about knowing your child. Gwen said she encourages parents to pay attention to what their kids are interested in and use those interests to support your child's growth. Because once the school year kicks in, there is a whole lot of growing and learning!

Town Square Toys does their best to help kids grow by offering lots of organizational tools for kids. “One thing we love to focus on is locker organization,” said Amy White. “Blinging up the locker helps them stay organized and feel motivated to stay organized."

Town Square Toys also helps parents motivate their kids through a reward program: Great Greats! For every A earned on a report card, Town Square Toys gives a child gets $1 to spend in their store. In their Mansfield, Texas community, a child can earn up to eight As per report card. So their program is a great motivator to study hard!

Cariad Owen from Out of the Blue Toys shared a great way of combining organization and motivation: chore charts!

“Melissa and Doug make a great magnetic chart! The responsibility chart helps establish structure and you can pick and choose your own goals!” said Carriad. A chart is a great way kids can visualize their progress and is a positive visual reminder that they are doing well. Of course, the best part about doing well is the reward! And there are plenty of stickers and pencils at your neighborhood toy store.

“The little things help transition the most,” Cariad reminds parents.

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