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by Sherry Artemenko   |   November 10   |   0 Comments
Parents don’t typically consider a puzzle to be a language learning toy. Sure, it’s great to build fine motor, and spacial relationship skills but how does language fit in? When parents join the play, it ups the level of learning as long as we stay in the passenger’s seat and let our child drive the play.

by Jennifer Auvil   |   November 3   |   0 Comments
The summer of 2013 will forever live on in my memory as the summer of Sleeping Queens, a card game made by the company Gamewright. Every morning, my 2 oldest daughters (then 6 and 4) woke up and we played, often before breakfast, squeezing in a round or two of the quick-moving card game before swim lessons, summer camp, and work. We took it to the pool, on vacation, and on a visit to the grandparents’ house where we lost the Pancake Queen, setting off a serious search party until she was discovered wedged in between some couch cushions. The game reinforced math skills, reminded everyone about good sportsmanship, and even fueled a few inside family jokes and talk of dressing up as the characters depicted on the cards for Halloween.

by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   October 8   |   0 Comments
Did you know International Day of the Girl is October 11th?  In honor of that day, we caught up with Alyson Flippo, author and creator of the Addie B. Strong books and dolls. Alyson has a powerful message she wants to share with girls: you ARE strong. She even offers some advice for parents and a glimpse of her own life experiences.

by Catalina Sofia Dansberger Duque   |   September 29   |   0 Comments
Toys in essence must be used in order for them to meet their purpose. And what exactly is their purpose when families are looking to expand their children’s native, second, and possibly third language abilities? Play Immersion. The theory that people learn languages best when they are immersed in native social, cultural, and linguistic experiences of a language apply to play as well.

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