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YoYo Tricks and Fun
by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   July 1   |   0 Comments
The YoYo. Sentimental historic toy or super cool modern plaything? Truthfully, it's both! And summertime is the perfect time for YoYo Fun!

Fun Facts About YoYos

YoYos have been used all over the world! Historical evidence of YoYos has been found in China, India and throughout Europe dating back to the 1700s.

The YoYo has had many other names including  "bandalore" and "quiz" in Great Britain, "incroyable," "l'emigrette" and "coblentz" in France, and "disc" in Greece.

In 1927, a Filipino busboy named Pedro Flores began carving and selling yoyos to the guests at the hotel where he worked. By 1929, the Flores Yo-yo Corporation had two factories in Los Angeles. Flores' utilized a unique innovation, the slip string.

The National YoYo Museum is in Chico, California. Displays include “Big-Yo”, the 1982 Guinness Book of Worlds Records world’s largest working wood yo-yo weighing 256 lbs.

As of May of 2004, the highest price ever paid for a yo-yo was $16,029. It was a YoYo signed by former president Richard M. Nixon. He presented to Roy Acuff at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville,Tennessee in 1974. It sold at an Acuff estate auction.

The YoYo first entered space on April 12th, 1985, aboard the shuttle Discovery. The YoYo could be thrown at slow speeds and it would follow the string to its end and rebound back, but however it would not sleep due to the lack of gravity. It was also taken aboard Atlantis on July 31st, 1992 and video taped. Take a look at the video...

The first World YoYo Contest was held in London, England, in 1932. The winner was a thirteen-year-old boy named Harvey Lowe who went on to become a world champion.

One of the most famous tricks on the YoYo is "walk the dog." This is done by throwing a strong sleeper and allowing the YoYo to roll across the floor, before tugging it back to the hand.

YoYo Tricks
Need a surprise trick for your next dinner party or a way to entertain the kids this summer? Hone your YoYo skills! We teamed up with Cat and Mouse Game Store in Chicago to share some easy YoYo tricks that WOW. Learn the super cool Sleeper move and then try your skills at the Elevator. Master that? Move on to Brain Twister. Ben Conde of Team YoYoJam (and instructor Cat and Mouse Games!) is your guide and will have you mastering the ups and downs in no time flat.



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