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Letter Learning Fun! ABC Games with Letter Manipulatives
by innovativeKids   |   September 22   |   0 Comments
Learning the letters of the alphabet is one of a child's most important milestones. That's why so many parents and teachers invest in ABC kits, letter magnets for the refrigerator, wooden alphabet puzzles, or other “letter manipulatives.” There's just something about touching and feeling the shape of a letter — the tactile experience — that makes it easier for children to learn their ABCs!

The more time a child spends holding letters in his hand, the faster he'll master this crucial first step into reading —so why not find new and exciting games and activities to try with your letter pieces? Pointing out letters on the fridge and building puzzles is just the start of what you can do when you have a set of letters to play with!

Here are some games and activities to try:

Touch and Feel Letters
Choose a small group of letters, show them to your child, and put them in a pile. Take turns closing your eyes and grabbing one letter from the pile. Without opening your eyes, try to identify it—using just the sense of touch! After a lot of practice, try playing this game without showing your child the letters you put in the pile.

Rice & Beans
Put some letters into a bin or a large bowl, and then fill it up with dried beans or uncooked rice. Your child can use a slotted spoon or his bare hands to scoop up each letter and say its name out loud. (For extra fun, try arranging the dried beans in the shape of each letter you find!)

Spell Me a Story
Bring out the letter pieces when you sit down to read a favorite story together! After you read a page, point out an important word or the name of a character. Ask your child what sound that word starts with, and talk about the letter that makes this sound. Then challenge your child to find the matching letter piece.

Letter Stampers
Roll out some play dough, and have fun using your letter pieces to make letter-prints! Together, stamp the entire alphabet from A to Z, or spell your child's name.

Around the House
Use the letters to label items around the house. For example, place the P on the piano, the
C on the couch, the B on the bed. Take a trip around the house to find these letters, and challenge your child to say the sound and the word as he finds each one. Collect the letters in a basket or bag as you go.

Hot and Cold
Have your child cover his eyes while you hide a letter somewhere in your home. As he searches for it, call out ”getting warmer!” when he's moving in the right direction to find it, “getting colder!” when he's moving in the wrong direction. As he gets closer and closer to finding it, call out “you're getting hot, hot, HOT!” When he finds the letter, have him say its name, practice saying the sound it makes, or brainstorming words that start with that letter.

These touch-and-feel experiences with the letters of the alphabet are sure to help your child master the ABCs—and have a great time, too!


InnovativeKids is the proud publisher of “My ABC Kit,” part of the award-winning Now I'm Reading!TM series. The kit includes dozens of great ABC activity ideas, along with uppercase and lowercase letter magnets, jigsaw puzzles, a letter-sound matching game, and a wooden storage box with a magnetic dry-erase lid.

InnovativeKids' list of award-winning products also includes toys, books, puzzles, and games. All of their products are designed to give children fun, multi-sensory, hands-on/minds-on experiences that encourage discovery, inspire imagination, and enhance essential learning skills. InnovativeKids understands that everyday play leads to extraordinary learning! Like the innovativeKids Facebook page to get regular updates about products, play, and learning!  


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