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by Ellen Metrick, National Lekotek Center   |   December 2   |   0 Comments
This time of year always seems to crop up ever too quickly and starts to bustle with parties and festivities. We all want to enjoy the holidays with happy kids and parents of children who are on the autism spectrum are no exception. Here are some ideas and a touch of inspiration to help the celebrations run smoothly and make the holidays joyful for everyone. 

by Michelle Albright, PhD, innovativeKids   |   October 21   |   0 Comments
Tis the season for dress ups! Is your child going to be a cheetah, a pirate, a princess, a superhero? Halloween costumes are all about making believe.

by Recent Toys   |   September 23   |   0 Comments
For more than 2000 years, brainteasers have been tickling our brains. In fact one of the earliest known brainteaser enthusiasts was Greek mathematician Archimedes. During his time, he was widely known for devising mathematical problems for his contemporaries to enjoy.

by Sherry Artemenko   |   August 30   |   1 Comment
Anticipating the start of a new school year is both exciting and daunting. As a parent and school speech therapist, I always felt the promise of a fresh start with new teachers, classmates, bulletin boards, pencils and backpacks. In my speech room, I made additional folders for new kids, researched fun games to address goals and worked on lesson plans. As a parent, I began to prepare my three boys to transition from a free flowing summer to earlier bedtimes and a bit of routine anticipating the start of school.

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