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by Jill Hunt, Kidoodles   |   April 5   |   0 Comments
Does the word “math” excite you? Get your blood pumping? No, probably not! Especially as a child!

The good news is there are lots of products and math games out there that will help get your little ones excited about learning. These games and toys are so fun they might not even realize they are practicing math.

by Melissa Henry, Momo's Special Toys   |   March 21   |   0 Comments
It’s an unfortunate fact. We know that children today don’t spend nearly the time outside as we used to during our childhood.

by Sherry Artemenko   |   March 12   |   0 Comments
Toddlers are extraordinary people. They explore with abandon, imitate pirates and fairies, refuse with gusto, stack, dump and search, communicate with persistence, and give enthusiastic hugs with sloppy kisses. So how is that adults so often get in their way?

by Safari Ltd.   |   February 26   |   0 Comments
Happy Polar Bear Day! February 27, we celebrate one of the world’s most massive and beautiful creatures. While we honor this animal, it is important to remember that polar bears are in serious danger of becoming extinct. With global warming on the rise, it is more important than ever to instill the importance of supporting animal protection in young children.

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