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by Holly Horner, Thinker Toys   |   November 12   |   0 Comments
Kits are a wonderful gift for the holidays because they give children something fun to do over winter break! The best kits just keep giving, not only for the initial project but for long after. The right kit will contain hours and hours of quality educational entertainment, and doing kits with your kids is a great bonding experience. There are loads of wonderful kits out there for kids ages 4-104, but these are our five favorites!

by Ann, Kinzle, *play   |   October 8   |   0 Comments
“But what will she DO with it?” the customer asked.  We were discussing a play pizza set.  I could have gone on and on, but instead just said “Endless possibilities…that’s what makes it a great toy.”


by Robert E. Johnson, Ph.D., Patsy E. Johnson, Ed.D.   |   September 24   |   0 Comments
Young children love music! Whether it’s singing, moving, or listening to music, the enjoyment these experiences bring to children is unmistakable. Expanding the understanding of music through focused learning can open and enrich the child’s realm of exploration and play and, of course, fun. Unfortunately, we can miss opportunities to capture the child’s natural interest in music learning. which are needed to set the stage for music understanding and cognitive development, as well as, provide a framework for music and play.

by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   September 12   |   0 Comments
Play helps your child learn social skills. Whether with adults or other children, it's the way kids of all ages learn about sharing, taking turns, negotiating, following rules, solving conflicts, and compassion.

Play helps develop your child’s interpersonal and social skills -- including helping them deal with frustration. “When playing with peers, children learn a system of social rules,” writes Bruce D. Perry, MD, Phd in an article for Scholastic, “including ways to control themselves and tolerate their frustrations in a social setting.”

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