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by Julie Cohen   |   October 27   |   0 Comments
I was a lucky kid....when I was younger, my father was manager of a locally owned independent toy store in upstate New York.  I loved coming to see Dad at work and try out all the different toys.   I wandered the store for hours, looking at every doll, musical instrument, book, and game--the place was a wonderland of fantasy and imagination!   The store was interactive, so children were allowed to try out puzzles, games, cars, and building blocks.  There was even a small tent in the book section, where children could go inside and read their just-purchased books. Many a Nancy Drew and Bobbsey Twins book was read in that tent!

by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   October 20   |   0 Comments
As the nights get darker and Halloween lurks just around the corner, there are plenty of fun spook-tacular games and crafts to get your family in the mood for a hauntingly fun Halloween!

by Karin Sheets   |   October 13   |   0 Comments

There’s nothing like a toy store to bring out the kid in you.  But some are special, once inside you always stay longer than you planned, time passes unnoticed as you find more and more toys that need to be played with.  We are lucky enough to have a magic place like this in our neighborhood.  Teaching Toys and Books is more than a toy store, it’s a creativity-inspiring time machine where you can get lost in your imagination. 

by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   October 6   |   0 Comments
Ever wish you could try a game out before you decide to purchase it? Of course, every parent has been there. It looks great in the box, the store associate has told you all of the wonderful learning benefits to playing the game -- plus assured you how much fun it is. But there is this nagging voice wondering "but will my child love it?"

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