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So Long "Boring" Board Game: Toy Store Owners Put the WOOHOO back in Family Game Night
by The American Speicalty Toy Retailing Association   |   August 25   |   0 Comments

Is this the reaction from your kids when you say it's family game night? Not any more!

We reached out to some of your favorite neighborhood toy store owners for ways put the WOOHOO! back in family game night. From how to get children of varying ages to sit together to how to expand beyond simple board games these toy stores have thought of it all!

Bringing kids together for family game nights can be difficult if the age ranges are far apart or awkward. Having a game with varying levels really helps bring kids together and lets them enjoy playing. Parents don't have to worry about older kids getting bored or younger kids getting frustrated!

Mary Arnold Toys owner Judy Ishayik suggests bringing out games children can all play together, "Brain Quest is a great game for multiple aged children because it has levels of difficulty all on the same card," said Judy. "Kids can choose the right level for each other."

Another great idea for kids of different ages? Indoor bowling. "Its great for kids 3-7," said Judy. The bowling pins are soft enough not to injure a child or make a mess in the house, but engaging enough for older children to still have fun.

Added bonus? It lets out more energy than a classic board game!

Crafts can be a great way to breakup repetition. No competition, no winning or losing, just the family coming together to get creative!

"The puppet kit is one of my favorites because you can all get together to make the puppets, and then you can perform a puppet show together," said Judy. Along the same line of thought is a magic kit. Everyone can be involved -- from the audience to the performers!

Kara Larson from Grasshopper says adding some surprise can be as easy as drawing games from a hat. Put games on paper then pull them from a bowl!

Karen also suggests considering something other than pizza-and-game night. "Consider its nice to think about something else other than pizza for dinner-try something new!" said Karen. "Thai food, sushi, Indian food, etc. You can talk about the origins of the food while you eat and what the kids like about it!”

But just in case you're a "classic game night" family, Alison Robinson from Doodlehopper has great game ideas to try.

"Any good game is all you need to make game night successful! Suspend by Melissa and Doug is great as well as Spot it! by Blue and Orange. For younger children, I'd suggest something like Sneaky Snacky Squirrel or HoneyBee Tree."

The most important part of making a successful family night? All toy storeowners agreed...

Your top priority should be having fun together!

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