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Take Time to be Silly
by Chris Lowe, Bean Head Toys   |   January 22   |   0 Comments
By far, what is the best raw emotion that anyone can experience and love at the same time? A downright gut wrenching bout of the giggles! Those are the moments that bring tears to your eyes and joy to your ears.

This emotion can come during a silly game of Kids On Stage when your youngest is imitating a hopping frog, or during a round of Jungle Jive as you try to balance on one leg, bend forward, while holding the egg steady. Whether kids are playing a quick game of Spot It!, doing a science experiment, or playing dress up, kids allow themselves to be in the moment. To laugh, shout, giggle...just being kids. Have you ever worked on a soda geyser with your child and have the bottle fall sideways and squirt you with soda? It has happened to the best of us with a laughing side effect but also a chance to learn about soda projectiles!

Laughter is not age restrictive. Whether you are 90 years or 9 months old, you have the ability to see the humor in a friend telling a joke or watching a baby giggle while dad covers his face with a tissue then blows it in the air. It is the simple pleasures in life that bring smiles to our faces and laughter to our guts. Laughter triggers the kid in all of us. How fun is that!  It causes us to think positive thoughts while enjoying the moment. Get out the dress up trunk, throw on a pirate hat along with your kids and let the imagination go wild and let the laughing begin!

At Bean Head Toys we truly believe in play, laughter, and pure fun. Our toy stores sprouted from the desire to provide educational toys in a fun, mind-developing atmosphere for kids. The focus of our business is to put fun toys in the hands of kids exposing them to the wonders of any subject. Our atmosphere in the stores is fun, colorful, busy, so why not enjoyable. With a tree house in both stores, we bring the outside in, and allow kids to be kids. Our first store in sandy Springs was opened in Sept. of 2007 and we saw the need for a second store in the Buckhead area, so we opened that store in Oct. of 2011. Please stop by and share a giggle with us! Take time to be silly on Belly Laugh Day on January 24th. 

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