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by Chris Lowe, Bean Head Toys   |   January 22   |   0 Comments
By far, what is the best raw emotion that anyone can experience and love at the same time? A downright gut wrenching bout of the giggles! Those are the moments that bring tears to your eyes and joy to your ears.

by The American Specialty Toy Retailing Association   |   December 17   |   0 Comments
Every parent has been there. You’re in a store with your child, waltzing the aisles in search of a necessary item when it happens. It starts as a request: “Mom, can I have a {insert popular item here}.” Then it escalates to “But I WANT it!” Before you know it, you’ve got a major temper tantrum on your hands and wish you could pretend the crumpled; screaming child on the floor isn’t yours...

by Play the Miles Away on Family Road Trips   |   December 17   |   0 Comments
Are we there yet? Seems like that’s the first phrase muttered from the back seat when your family takes a road trip. But with a little pre-planning, getting to Grandma’s house can be one of your trip’s highlights -- especially if you play the miles away.

by The American Specialtoy Toy Retailing Association   |   December 10   |   0 Comments
As the holidays inch (race?) closer, our children are increasingly inundated with more and more messages about stuff—especially toys and other play products—they can hope to receive as gifts.

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